OSS2 Shooting & Survival, LLC

Company Mission Statement: OSS2 is a family owned small business dedicated to the education and training of the new shooter, the armed citizen, and all Law Enforcement Agencies. OSS2 brings professional firearms instruction from past and current military and police special operations forces. Come to Altra Firearms Training Facility and be part of personal, group, or class training. After your training, you can safely go back into daily life and be the armed quiet professional.

OSS2 brings a unique capability to the Altra Firearms Training Facility. Janet Morris is Founder and Owner of OSS2 Shooting and Survival LLC. Her husband, retired Army Green Beret John “JD” Morris donates his time to OSS2 and Altra Firearms. JD is a professional firearms and tactical operations instructor with more than 25 years of experience. JD is a retired Army MSG and disabled combat veteran from the Iraq War dating back to the Persian Gulf War. His experience as an instructor covers the full spectrum of modern small arms. Since retirement, JD worked until early 2011 with the novice shooter, armed citizen, and local, state, and federal Law Enforcement Agencies. He ensured they received the best firearms training possible. After that, he took time off spending five years recovering from injuries accumulated in combat operations in Iraq. JD now dedicates his life to transferring his skillsets to motivated people in the Western PA region. He also brings his years of Special Forces combat experience to your training allowing students to see real world lessons learned.

2018 will be a big year for training at Altra Firearms. Along with OSS2, C&G Arms, LLC will be bringing their basic and tactical shooting classes to the training facility.

2018 class schedules will be posted shortly on this website, Altra Firearms Facebook follow page, and the JD Morris of OSS2 Shooting and Survival, LLC Facebook follow page.

Contact JD for information on personal and group training which is available now weather permitting until March 31, 2018.

OSS2 provides a free consult with JD to assist people, showing them exactly where they are at in their shooting needs.

JD Morris makes himself available at Altra Firearms on Wednesday and Friday during store hours to coordinate training and answer questions. Please contact JD before stopping by on those days. Look on social media for Saturday events at Altra before March 31, 2018.

Janet and JD look forward to seeing you on the range!



Phone #: 304.914.5003


Address: 750 South Hazzard Rd, Jackson Center, PA 16133