Pathfinder Training & Consulting

Pathfinder Training & Consulting

Lighting a path to proficiency


Pathfinder Training & Consulting specializes in individual and small group training.  We focus our training in weapons applications, self-defense, tactics, rope & rappelling operations, map reading & land navigation.  Along with providing this training at local facilities, we can custom design a group training program at a site of your choosing.  Group classes & rates are available.  We will also design corporate challenge events tailored to your specific team building, confidence, and leadership requirements.  Please contact us for more information.


Our Staff are all current and former Military and Law Enforcement professionals dedicated to training United States citizens. 


Shawn Stafford, Sergeant Major (Retired), US Army.   

Shawn is a combat veteran with two deployments to Iraq.  He served as a combat leader and trainer for over 23 years.  He as trained some of the most elite fighting forces in the US Army, including units of the 82nd Airborne.  As a Senior NCO he managed and supervised small unit tactics, techniques, and procedures in training and in combat.


Quentin Emerich, SSG, US Army

Quentin (Q) is a trained Law Enforcement Officer and qualified US Army Sniper.  He has served with, trained, and lead Soldiers in various US Army infantry units, include the 101st Airborne (Air Assault).  He is a two time combat veteran with deployments to Iraq.

Phone #: 814-282-4925